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Refugia Garden
  • What we do

    Refugia Gardens is an ecological gardening service. We design, establish, and maintain landscapes in the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in gardens with useful plants; ethnobotanical native species, nutrient dense edibles, medicinals & rare fruits. For related services outside of our scope we work with other qualified professionals, such as arborists, carpenters & nursery growers. We specialize in:

    • Garden Design, Maintenance  & Horticultural Coaching
    • Drip Irrigation, Water Harvesting, & Grey Water
    • Tree Pruning, Grafting & Care
    • Botanical Survey
    • Bioremediation
  • Biodiversity for Your Life

    We aim to integrate landscapes into your life & to provide for your household needs through thoughtful holistic landscape management. Every garden we design is unique, each is distinctly suited to each client’s particular life and to enhance their home, neighbourhood & watershed.

    • Refugium (Latin), the meaning of the word “refugium” is refuge or hideaway; in some cases it is known as a wellness area for relaxation and recovering.
  • Gardens for Cooks, Gardens for Health

    Growing useful plants at home is fun & easy. Real food is medicine & should be enjoyed.

    We help people create living food culture & practice of self-care. The types of foods & plant medicines we use are not easily available through the market economy. We take advantage of the Bay Area’s uniquely hospitable climate & bio-cultural diversity by selecting useful plants from around the world in gardens that recreate the structure of natural ecosystems. Home grown plants offer a freshness, quality & medicinal potency that often can’t be purchased.

  • Integrated Home Hydrology

    Our garden designs use less water through careful plant selection, efficient irrigation & shaping the land so the that rain spreads, slows & sinks into your yard rather than becoming runoff.

    We improve the hydrological cycle in landscapes by increasing the soil’s health, creating basins and tree canopies to intercept  & store rainfall. This sort of integrated landscape design can make your garden more productive, beautiful & require less maintenance & inputs by making water & nutrients consistently available to your plants. By creating wildlife habitat for birds, pollinators, & beneficial insects we minimize the need for pest control and fertilizer use.


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